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Trenton Fathers Day Car Show

Hello my name is DAD!

Hello my name is DAD!

Proud poppas brought their rides to downtown Trenton to celebrate Fathers Day.

The Sunday night cruise, hosted by the Drifters, in support of Quinte Access had 100 cars on Trenton’s Dundas St. West. Trenton DBIA worked closely with Quinte Access to assure the success of this first ever Fathers Day event.

Bob and Linda Walt, Wooler Ont.

Bob and Linda Walt, Wooler Ont.

Jennifer Schwab, Quinte West went even further to celebrate her father, Bob Walt, Wooler Ont. and baked a cake.

Bob Walt celebrates his father every time he goes for a drive in his 1929 Ford Model A. John Nelson Reid, Wooler Ont., the original owner had sold the car to the new owner who planned to turn it in to a stock car to be raced at Brighton Speedway. They got as far as removing the engine and placing it in the back seat when the project was abandoned.

Bob’s brother, David Walt purchased the car for $100. Bob’s father put the engine back in (1960-62) drove it once and stored it for a year. At this point Bob (17 years old) purchased the car for $250. it was then sold to Bob’s younger brother Gary Walt who kept it for a couple of years before selling back to Dad.

The car would now languish in storage for more than 20 years before Bob would buy it again from his father who wanted a new tractor. After returning the car to road-worthiness, Bob took the car and picked his father up on Fathers Day to take him to church.

“The look on Dad’s face was priceless,” said Bob Walt.

The motor has been completely rebuilt and has been converted to an alternator from the original generator system, it is still a 6 volt system. With 79,000 miles on the odometer the Model A is still driven on a regular basis. On a recent trip to Haliburton Ont. the car had a flat tire, which Bob changed and the spare promptly went flat. Five new tires and tubes were shipped from a supplier in Niagara so the car could return to its travels.

photos and story by bill samuel

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