Antique And Classic Car Club of Canada (A.C.C.C.) 21st annual car show.

Antique And Classic Car Club of Canada (A.C.C.C.) 21st Annual Car Show


Great Pine Ridge Region, Antique And Classic Car Club of Canada (A.C.C.C.) 21st annual car show graced Cobourg’s Victoria Park.

van Elford, Chairman-Lakeside Carshow A.C.C.C.C.
Ivan Elford, Chairman-Lakeside Carshow A.C.C.C.C.

Ray and Gary McCrakken founded the show 21 years ago. All vehicles that entered must be a minimum of 20 years of age and other than safety modifications (i.e. radial tires, brake lights etc.) must be unmodified. The show raised funds for Children Wish through the sale of 50/50 tickets and a raffle on an original art piece. Currently the Great Rine Region A.C.C.C.C. has 60 members.

Ivan Elford, Port Hope Ont. is this years of Chairman of the show committee and one of the Great Pine Ridge A.C.C.C. directors. Ivan and his wife were originally from Scarborough Ont. and have been coming to the show for the last 15-20 years. Ivan caught the classic car bug first with muscle cars (Chevrolet Chevelle) and when he and his wife started their family switched to Cadillac’s. He currently owns a 1958 Cadillac 60 Special and a 1993 Cadillac 60 Special.

Introduced in 1955 the Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner, was based on the new Ford design. It shared the flashy chrome Crown which stretched the B-pillar across the roof of the 1955 Crown Victoria model. A smoked acrylic glass window was added over the front seat area. The model, was commonly referred to as the “Glasstop Vicky” lasted just two years due to the problems of keeping the passenger compartment cool.

1956 Ford Crown Victoria
1956 Ford Crown Victoria

Bob Bomhof, Millbrook Ont. has owned his 1956 Ford Crown Victoria for 43 years as well as a 1962 Galaxy 500 convertible he has owned for 45 years.

“It was very tired when I purchased the car,” said Bob Bomhof. “The seats were badly worn, the interior was bad and the paint was shot, but the body other then a few dents and dings was solid.”

The odometer reads 30072 miles on its second time around and the car has 292 4-barrel Thunderbird V8. Bob is a Ford man despite having worked for Chrysler in Ajax Ont. and lived in Oshawa Ont. Bob has been a member of the Crown Victoria Association for 25 years.