NAPA 1st Annual Show & Shine Car Show

NAPA 1st Annual Show & Shine Car Show

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Clear skies shone down on the NAPA 1st Annual Show and Shine Car Show, Sunday August 17 at the Fish and Game Club, Belleville Ont.

The folks from the NAPA store at 333 Bell Boulevard, Belleville Ont. hosted their first Car Show in support of the YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign. Eighty-two vehicles and their owners came out to support the cause.

The YMCA’s Strong Kids Campaign is an annual fund-raising campaign. The focus is on raising much needed resources to support YMCA programs. Kids are given the opportunity they need to reach their full potential. Supporting the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign directly helps children, teens and young adults in our community. Over $600 was raised for the YMCA.

One of the most interesting aspects of any car show is the history of each car and it’s owner(s). There are stories about owners that found the car online, or in a barn under a layer of dust. Others have always wanted a particular car because they once had one or just always liked it. Some people seek out matched number cars and others choose to modify to their personal tastes.

In North America new car ownership averages around seven years and used cars ownership averages about five years. The vast majority of vehicles ultimately end up being recycled. Finding a one-owner car after twenty years is rare. Finding a one-owner, matched numbers car from a models first year of production, after forty-seven years is almost unheard of. What are the odds? One in eighty-two, today only!

1967 Chevrolet Camaro
1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Chris and Rick Fralick, Picton Ont. own one such vehicle. A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, purchased July 8, 1967 from Charleton Motors, Napanee Ont. for $3150.00. The car was driven for the next twenty-seven years, amassing 300,000 miles (482,803 km.) before it was parked and replaced in 1994 with a Z28 Camaro (which they still own). The car has been partially restored twice. Beginning in December 2013 Chris and Rick had a full frame-off restoration performed on the car. The car was returned to its original condition in April 2014.


Tool Box Draw Winner

John Vance, Branden Vance, Doug Chapple, Todd Yens and Dwight Pero.
John Vance, Branden Vance, Doug Chapple, Todd Uens and Dwight Pero.