Detailfest ’18

Detailfest ’18

Fine weather and a great turn out made PJ’s Auto Spa’s Detailfest ’18

the place to be for car lovers May 12, 2018 in Colborne Ont.

Detailfest '18

When most people think of millennials, the image of a self-absorbed generation of smartphone users that have been cushioned from the real world all their lives is what comes to mind.

Most people haven’t met P.J. Wallington.

At sixteen years-old P.J. dropped out of school because his father was seriously injured in a crane accident at work. When the principal at East Northumberland Secondary School, Brighton Ont. heard about P.J.’s decision she came up with a plan for him to do his school work after hours.

P.J. and his father had been going to car and snowmobile shows for as long as P.J. can remember. Off-roading on snowmobiles and four-wheelers as well as working on cars were things the two shared.

P.J. Wallington o/o PJ’s Auto Spa, 671 Erskine Ave. Peterborough Ont.

After his father’s accident P.J. went to Lakeridge Chrysler in Port Hope Ont. looking for a job. At first they didn’t take him very seriously, so he took his 2006 Dodge Magnum RT to show them the kind of quality detailing he was capable of. After a few months at Lakeridge Chrysler, P.J. moved on to Cobourg Mazda/Honda and further refined his skills.

In the meantime he was also booking evenings and weekends on his own and soon word-of-mouth made him a very busy young man. In January 2017 P.J. took the leap in to business for himself, he had been booking work three months in advance and felt he was losing business. Finally early this year (2108) P.J. went from doing detailing at home or as a mobile service to opening his own shop, PJ’s Auto Spa at 671 Erskine Ave. Peterborough Ont.

Nathan Cooper, Belleville Ont. 2016 Ram Express on DYNOMITE with Kevin Perry and Jason Bosley.

Gearheads have long know the value of putting their car on a dyno (dynamometer). Often this involved finding a shop where the machine was located. Since 2017 this has not been a problem in eastern Ontario, thanks to Kevin Perry and longtime friend Jason Bosley of Picton Ont.

Jason Bosley and Kevin Perry of Dynomite Mobile Dyno & Tuning
Jason Bosley and Kevin Perry of Dynomite Mobile Dyno & Tuning.

They married a dynamometer with a trailer and created a mobile service known as Dynomite Mobile Dyno & Tuning.

DYNOMITE is capable of handling two-wheel drive vehicles (150 inches wide) up to 2000 horsepower and 320 kilometers per hour. As the name implies, this is a mobile service. Kevin and Jason have taken DYNOMITE to several local events in the region and are also available for the serious gearheads in their own shops.

After the vehicle is secured and the necessary electrical hook-up is made a detailed analysis of the vehicles performance is logged by the computer. From there decisions can be made to best enhance the performance through modifications of the engine and the vehicles on-board computer.


First run on DYNOMITE!

Detailfest ’18 Show Cars

Photos and story by Bill Samuel

Video courtesy of DYNOMITE