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Armdrop Drag Racing Sept. 26, 2015 

aiden readEngines roared, tires burned, and the Aiden Read Drag Racing Team came out for family fun at Armdrop Drag Racing, September 26th 2015 at Picton’s Historic Airfield.

2000 Hinda Civic vs. 2004 Subaru Legacy GT

2000 Hinda Civic vs. 2004 Subaru Legacy GT

Long before Aiden Read (7 years old) was born, his parents Julie and Mike Read, Belleville Ont. were in love with each other and drag racing. The couple met 16 years ago at Barcovan Camp and had became friends. At the annual end of season dance Mike had spent his evening entertaining his 4 year-old niece while Julie watched with growing fondness. Mike invited Julie to join him for a day of drag racing at Shannonville Motorsport Park. As the say the rest is history.

Mike, Aiden, and Julie Read

Mike, Aiden, and Julie Read

Mike is the chief mechanic and driver for Aiden Read Drag Racing. Mike arrived in Belleville Ont. in 1993 and would come under the watchful eye of his step-father, Blair Beaudrie, who was an automotive machinist for Car Quest in Belleville.

Soon Mike was helping to build racing engines. However his stint in high school automotive class was very brief.

“I only took classes for three days,” Mike commented. “The teacher wasn’t very knowledgeable.”

By 1996 Mike was drag racing. He eventually acquired a 1997 Chevrolet Long-box halfton with a 350 CID with 30 over 589 lift cam with 292 duration that pushed an estimated 425 hp. With the arrival of Aiden, Mike and Julie realized a re-think was in order and they acquired a vehicle that could serve a dual function.

Mikes choice was a 2000 Honda Civic with a 1999 SIR 1.6 litre dual overhead cam V-tech engine mated to Integra transmission. It is Mikes daily driver and his weekend warrior. The Aiden Read Drag Racing Team posted a best time of 15.8 seconds through the quarter mile at Armdrop.

Mike has worked at Peter Smith GM in Belleville Ont. as a car detailer for 2 1/2 years and Julie has been at HGS call centre in Belleville Ont. for the last 5 years.


Best Car Trophy

Winner of the quintecar sponsored Best Car Trophy,

Winner of the quintecar sponsored Best Car Trophy, James Cook, Bloomfield Ont. Armdrop Drag Racing Sept. 26, 2015

photos and story by bill samuel

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